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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 29, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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service bg&e has about 2000 without service in anne arundel and prince george's county. pepco will have a busy day again today with some 29,000 households still without power, mostly in montgomery county. derrick ward is live there joining us from bethesda patients has run out in that area, hasn't it? >> reporter: it has to a certain extent we are in a bethesda neighborhood i think they would be happy to see a snowplow as they would a utility truck with the situation they are in, i think a utility truck would win out that was wednesday evening when people that live around here who said they experience or heard an explosion, experienced a brownout and were plunged into powerlessness they are among some 29,000 customers in montgomery county alone without power another 1400 are in prince george's county some say it is sort of like camping but a lot
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of them aren't happy campers we did come upon one resident who is finding a novel and healthy way to keep a warm body and spirit. what's it been like? >> it has been cold i have been spending most of the time running around the neighborhood with my kids. one of my daughter's took refuge at her friend's house. we are building a fire with a do your aflame log. my 13-year-old son thinks it is an experience. i am ready for it to be done, the experience. i have been lucky to have friends to go to to charge my phone at a few streets away. it is heartening to know that it is warm. i'm also a teacher, so i did get a few days off. our family has been bonding a little too. so that's all good. being a teacher and having a
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few days off, there is a silver lining. folks say they have seen utility trucks in the neighborhood. some folks have power. there are houses that do have power and those that don't. they are going to a friends house nearby to recharge some of their electrical equipment. we will show you the pepco number to call. that report number is 1-877-737-2662 we are live in bethesda. back to you. >> thanks, derrick. >> chuck bell is here to talk about -- we are waiting for temperatures to get to a place where more stuff can melt and they can get trees out of the way. >> it is going to be a little bit of a wait where the snow pack is the deepest is where it got the coldest. nearly everybody will get above
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freezing for a couple hours. it is going to be mostly cloudy today. we had a little sunshine first thing this morning around 7:00, 7:30. cloudy outside. 32 freezing degrees in washington, 31, prince george's county, fairfax, louden, montgomery, where the snow pack has been the deepest, that's where the cold spots are. 23, arlington. 23, manassas, gaithersburg and germman town. snowflakes are flying. not going to add up to too much enough enough to put a fresh coating of white. the alberta clipper will stay mainly to our north. temperatures in the mid-30s for a time this afternoon. it will keep the roads in good shape as well. that will be welcome news. tomorrow will be the better day for the weekend.
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highs up near 40 for tomorrow we are watching for more winter weather this week. >> derrick just talked to a jogger. you are a devoted jogger? >> i don't like to run on the icy sidewalks. >> a lot of joggers in the streets. >> i do not run in the road ever, never, never. >> thank you, chuck. this morning, we are working to learn the name of the man police say robbed a bank in tacoma park. officers got in a shootout with him moments ahave a hostage escaped his arms outside the capital one branch. jack jackie shows us. >> he has a gun to her head, a gun to her head. >> reporter: it was the nightmare police officers train for and hope it never happens. >> he is on the move. he has a hostage. he is out front. >> reporter: marie and b.j. were
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in the starbucks next door. >> a guy came in and said, call 911 right now. >> we could see the police pulling up. >> reporter: the scene became almost surreal as the red dye pack exploded spewing a red cloud around the suspect and his hostage. more than a dozen police officers stood with guns drawn. a mistake could kill a fellow officer or an innocent civilian. the suspect slipped up. his hostage ran for her life. >> we didn't hear anything until gunfire started to happen. that was short and sweet. i'm glad it was over when it was over. >> the only suspect we know of is here. >> reporter: as the wounded suspect lay on the ground, officers moveduickly to get
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his gun. officers were called to investigate a bag they left. it turned out to not be the bomb he claimed it was during the robbery. >> he is going to be okay. the suspect was pronounced dead at a local hospital. the hostage was not specifically harmed. jackie bensen, news 4. police in prince george's county are investigating their 16th homicide of the year. someone was shot to death at saint barnabas road in temple hill. we will have more on the story as it becomes available. in response to president hosni mubarak's request, a cure few has been set demonstrators
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have set fire to several buildings military forces have patrolled the streets mubarak spoke for the first time since the riot started he promised to reform a country plagued by poverty and rising food prices. he asked his own government to resign but gave no indications he would do so. back in the states, supporters of the protesters held their own protest on friday and more protests are plan today in front of the embassy. they say the country needs to change to a democratic regime. they believe president mubarak has had enough time to reform things and has failed to do so. >> i can't contain my excitement to see young men and women going to the streets reclaiming those basic rights that you and i enjoy here in the united states. >> dozens of students from georgetown, george washington and the university of maryland are studying abroad in cairo.
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they are warning them to stay away from the protests. police in california arrested a man after he made phone called threatening to kill diane lawson they arrested sheron watson diane watson was a congresswoman and a state senator she was a member of the congressional black caucus and served on the committee of oversight and government reform. a traffic alert for metro riders this weekend if you are looking to take the blue, orange, or red line, wait at least 20 or 30 minutes, adding that time to your trip. crews are upgrading tracks wells working on the dulles corridor project. because of that, trains will be single tracking all weekend. the delays are slated to end sunday night. the silver lining was that
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metro operated just about flawless. four wheels may be more your speed this weekend. >> the washington auto show is at the convention center. >> tom cherwood has a sneak peek at this year's show room floor. >> reporter: this has been the sad reality of the past few days at the washington convention center, the auto show can turn your snowy nightmare into a dream. what do you think about all the bad weather and all these cars are so clean? >> well, i wish mine were this clean. >> reporter: is this a dream, fantasy or are you buying one of these new cars? >> dreaming this year. >> reporter: the 2011 washington auto show open ford a week friday featuring domestic and international cars. as the whole auto industry is
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rebounding. >> reporter: you just sat in that car. you looked pretty comfortable? >> as a car guy, i do this every year rk year, come down and look at new models and see them all at the same location. >> reporter: you can try your hand at simulated racing and if the sticker shock on some vehicles has your wallet melting, you can just buy a model car or two on your way out the door. tom sherwood, news 4, washington. >> doors open today at 10:00 and stay open until 10:00 tonight tomorrow, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. later this hour, the auto show's director in our studios. chuck bell will drill him. 9:10 right now a real life food fight. taco bell fights back against questions about what's really in
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its heat. a close look at the long and often painful look at rec
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. taco bell officials are fighting back after a lawsuit alleges that the meat is not all beef. they are suing saying it is only
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40% beef and contains binders and fillers. taco bell says it is 100% usda inspected beef and that the law firm got their facts wrong. taco bell's president says he will do whatever it takes to protect the company's reputation. >> all they had to do was reach out to us. we would give them the facts and we wouldn't be here today. they chose to sue tarnishing our reputation. i will defend the reputation of our food and brand. our quality is second to none. >> the attorney that filed the lawsuit said the allegations about the meat con at the present time are completely true and the case will be tried in a federal courtroom, not the press? trial against jared loughner has been moved back to tucson originally, the case was moved to phoenix after federal judges in tucson recused themselves because a fellow judge was killed in those shootings.
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prosecutors requested the move back to stucson so victims and witnesses don't have to drive the two hours. he pleaded not guilty. next court date is july 9th. one of his victims, gabrielle giffords, had her first day of rehab yesterday at a houston hospital. robert bazell visited a trauma clinic in california where doctors work with veterans in iraq and afghanistan. he has an inside look at the long road to recovery giffords will likely face. >> reporter: no two brain injuries are the same but rehabilitation can be one of the most difficult challenges in medicine. the veterans administration poly trauma clinic in california knows this. such v.a. hospitals have treated more than 800 soldiers an marines with severe brain
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injuries from iraq and afghanistan since 2003. >> everything the brain can do, with he try to exercise, movement, thinking, memory, helping you talk, understand, communication, interact with people socially. >> that requires a team of specialists, doctors, psychiatrists, speech, occupational and physical therapists. army specialist, orlando gonzalez, was hit and finds his rehabilitation difficult. >> it makes me mad when my arm doesn't work all the way good. it doesn't work that good temperature that's frustrating. >> reporter: now, gonzalez can spread the fingers op his right hand for the first time since he was hurt.
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that's a big accomplishment. >> reporter: experts say the most important thing is to set realistic goals for what the patient wants and can achieve. those goals must be constantly updated. >> reporter: we have an inter-disciplinary team that looks at that at multiple times during recovery. some patients heal quickly but for most, a long and unpredictable road. 32 degrees outside. >> chuck bell is here with us this morning waiting for the latest in the snow saga. >> the snow cycle. >> that makes is sound so gentle. >> gentle snowflakes for today. there may be some chance for more ferocious winter weather in more ferocious winter weather in the okay.g.
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hi, i'm joe kennedy, and i want you to meet a friend of mine, courtney. courtney's mom, elaine, had to quit work to care for her sick daughter, who's been fighting leukemia for half of her short life. there are millions of families like courtney's, who are having a tough time making it these days. folks can't pay their bills, and staying warm just isn't possible. let us remember, at this particular time, that kindness counts and that there's still room for a gentle response to those in need. so i want to thank the people of venezuela and citgo petroleum for their generosity. we'll have our differences, but they were the only country, and the only oil company, to answer our call to provide heating assistance to the poor. if you need help staying warm, give me a call at citizens energy, 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold.
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well dock come back chuck likes to talk about cars he has a convertible. >> i have a clunker. >> how can a corvette be a clunker? >> a black hole of labor and love. i have had the car, a '62
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corvette, since the mid '90s. it is a relationship at this point. in advance of the car show coming into town, i thought, maybe we should go out an drive something new. we are going to have to pick a name brand out, pick portia. let's take a look at my little drive-around, something you can take home from your local portia dealership. >> reporter: portia, there is no substitute since 1948 whether the first portia rolled off the line the name has been synonymous with performance an cutting-edge technology. while the cars have changed, the goal has not, always been to find a better, faster way to do everything. this latest development has more to do with environmental awareness than outright performance. many of the other car makers may find themselves following in portia's tire tracks. the new start/stop technology is designed to turn the engine off
9:22 am
when it is not needed the way many hybrids do. this allows the car to go green while you are waiting for the traffic signal to go green. >> everybody is concerned with the environment. any cost savings is something they thought about. >> reporter: by shutting the engine off at red lights and when caught in bumper to bumper traffic, ta allows a 15% increase in fuel economic and 16% reduction in fuel emissions. how long does it take the engine to reengage once the light changes? >> literally, before you can get your foot from the brake to the accelerator, the engine starts and you are ready to go. >> the v-8 is 4.8 litres, 400 horsepower. it is also available in a turbo, which is the same 4.8 liter but
9:23 am
500 horsepower. >> reporter: the car is also loaded with every creature comfort. >> the heated steering wheel is to die for. >> reporter: a primo steering wheel, a large trunk with room enough for three sets of golf clubs, a backup camera and most impressive of all, two extra doors and two extra seats. i think the best thing this car has going for it is that it is a portia where two couples can go to dinner. you get to drive your portia and you get to take your friends with you. it is all portia and portia for four people. >> not portia for poor people. >> that was the 400 horsepower version and carried a $105,000 sticker on it. >> did you take it right home? >> i've submitted the receipt and have taken the signature?
9:24 am
>> if given the chance, would you trade it in for your corvette? >> my corvette is an old car. i love old cars. you need a guy with a stethoscope and a wrench to fix it. >> we will mention to folks that the d.c. auto show is in town with all sorts of great technology like this portia. >> that's cool. >> you are going to talk to the director coming up in a few minutes? >> yes that will be something to do. weatherwise, a little 50/50 some melting as temperatures climb above freeze foing for a f time today. most of the western suburbs, loudoun county, down below the freezing mark. that's not where the precipitation is. we are at 32 degrees, light wind at 3 miles per hour. temperatures upper 20s to near 30s. back out to the west, temperatures in mid-20's.
9:25 am
quite a bit more snow on the ground. a little slower to warm up out to the west. not much of a windchill just yet. winds picking up out of the south. a look at live doppler, live snowflakes to be found along the 270 corridor, into portions of montgomery, northern anne arundel towards howard county. be on the lookout for just a little bit of snow. shouldn't accumulate to any more than half an inch or so on the ground in any one given spot. be extra careful if you are planning on going out. no real problems. road beds mostly above freezing. no arctic air around. our snow total just under 10 inches here in washington. another opportunity for snow many could go up by the middle of this upcoming week snow showers out there first thick this morning. the snowshowers will taper off. we will be left with a clearing sky late tonight and sunshine,
9:26 am
at least partial, coming back for tomorrow. chilly but not all that bitterly cold. next weekend looks like colder than this one. today, partly to mostly cloudy day. no real problems associated with them. becoming breezy. highs today, mid to upper 30s. tomorrow, highs closer to degrees. cold air back in for monday with a high of only 34. a 40% chance of what should be snow on tuesday, tuesday nighttime fraim. during the day on wednesday, we could have a rain/sleet combination. a quick thanks to the people at the portia of rockville for letting me drive the car around. that was awfully nice. >> i wanted to be objective, fair and tough at the same time. >> you looked like you had a great time. >> 9:26 we will tell you how you can help that prince george's county family that lost two daughters in a tragic fire
9:27 am
earlier this month. >> can you acknowledge, can you say out of your mouth, with he screwed this up, we messed this up? >> pepco's president comes under fire with thousands of the companies still in the dark. we will show you what he told news 4's jim vance, about news 4's jim vance, about
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egypt on the brink of complete chaos a live picture where protesters are demanding the president step down. this morning, protesters sentiments are being echoed in washington good morning and welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilcrest. i'm kim beberly suiters let begin with the power problems plaguing thousands of people in our area. pour out at homes and businesses. we have new numbers in as they work to restore electricity. >> thousands lost power pepco is reporting less than 30,000 outages dominion, virginia, has about 100. bg&e has restored power to about 700 people in the past half hour. >> about 2100 customers without service in anne arundel, montgomery and prince george's county. last night, pepco's president
9:31 am
came to our news 4 studios to talk about the company's response to the outages. >> our plans started on tuesday, the planning process. we started to hold back our contractors at that point. on wednesday, we were right in the middle of a shift change for our crews. we kept the employees on the property so we would be able to use them in an event that a major event did hit that evening. that evening, wednesday evening, we made a call for mutual systems. we were on a call with baltimore g gas and electric. >> reporter: so you are saying pepco called for outside resources at the same time as the other utilities did contrary to the report in the post that they called earlier and you guys waited until 8:30 at night. >> i have to tell you the post got it wrong we participated on the very same call at baltimore gas and electric and every other
9:32 am
utility seeking mutual assistance wednesday evening. we made two additional calls the next day. the resources started to come on our system about 3:00 in the afternoon on thursday. >> pep cosays they have restored power to more than 80% of customers after if he canned by the storm pepco customers without power can call 1-877-737-2662, to report lingering outages. go to to see the entire interview with the president of pepco. >> from all the people i have known who didn't have power, the nights were survivable. when you wake up in the morning to a very cold house. >> awfully chilly. nearly everybody should be able to get back up online before the weekend. for us, we are still waiting on a lot of western neighborhoods to get above freezing this morning. that snow came down hard and fast an heavy. it will take a little while
9:33 am
longer to get it off the power lines and out of the branches. outside, cloudy. temperature hovering around freezing. 32, national airport, 32, annapolis. a look at radar. over the last hour, a spit of snow many could go down across portions of pennsylvania. most of the accumulating snow will stay in pennsylvania. don't be surprised to see a couple of snowflakes on your way out the door first thing this morning. most should be gone by 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. for today, temperatures stuck in the mid-30s. snowflakes are made above the ground. as long as it is cold in the clouds, the snowflakes can be made. the roadbeds need surface temperatures above freezing. that is where they will be. >> thank you, chuck. >> you are welcome.
9:34 am
the egyptian cabinet is resigning in response to the president's request. riots and protest into their fifth day. let's take a look look at cairo where protesters have set fire to vehicles. you can see the tanks ready. mubarak spoke for the first time since the riot started and promised to reform a country plagued by poverty and rising food prices. despite asking his entire cabinet to step down, he gave no indications he, himself, would do it. president barack obama has called for mubarak to deliver democracy. >> what's needed are concrete steps that advance the rights of the egyptian people, a meaningful dialogue between the government and its citizens, and a path of political change that leads to a future of greater freedom and opportunity and justice for the egyptian people.
9:35 am
>> since the riot, 35 have been killed and many more injured. supporters held a minirally in front of the white house on friday. more protests are expect in front of the egyptian embassy. darcy spencer has more on how those in our area are reacting. >> reporter: in cairo, tens of thousands of protesters demanded the oust of president hosni mubarak. >> reporter: egyptian americans and their supporters demonstrated in solidarity with those seeking to end mubarak's decade-long rule. >> we are elated, excited. we have been working for that for the last few years. for that, i went to prison three times. so now i am vindicated. >> reporter: innen aaddress to
9:36 am
his country, he promised reforms. many said it is too late. >> we are not going to accept any reforms. the only reforms we want is for mubarak to leave now. >> reporter: on saturday, more demonstrations in egypt and washington mohammed abdul-jabbar has organized a protest from noon to 3:00 p.m. >> i can't contain my excitement to see young men and women going to the streets reclaiming those basic rights that you and i enjoy here in the united states. >> reporter: this gentlemen lives in egypt but is studying middle east politics at georgetown as a visiting professor egypt is considered to be the u.s.'s most important arab ally the obama administration must support this demand for democracy. >> i think the people are victorious, this is a glorious day in egyptian history, the first successful people's revolution in the modern history of egypt. >> reporter: dozens of students
9:37 am
from our area studying abroad in cairo, students from georgetown university, george washington and the university of maryland. officials from the schools say they the students are safe and they are being warrenned to sta away from the demonstrations. in northwest washington, darcy spencer, "news4 today." to the dramatic bank robbery that ended in a deadly shooting, police have yet to release the name of the man that held up the branch in tacoma park and lost his life doing it. that man held a gun to a worker inside the bank and told them he had two bombs. he filled the bank bag up with money and grabbed a female teller as a hostage. once outside, a dye back inside the bag exploded. the man slipped on the ice apparently and the hostage broke free. that's when police shot and killed him. two people saw the standoff unfold.
9:38 am
>> all of the sudden, a guy in i asuit came in and said call 911 right now. >> we could see the police when they drove up and when they were pulling their assault rifles out. we didn't hear anything until gunfire started to happen. that was short and sweet. i'm glad it was over when it was over. >> reporter: a bullet grazed one officer involved he was not badly hurt. the us is spekted bombs left inside the bank turned out to be fake. tonight, a benefit will be held for the two girls killed in a fire last week kimberly hernandez was fatally injured her sister, kelly, passed away, this past tuesday from smoke inhalation and burns. tonight, the two will be honored atd the celebration of life benefit performance in hyattsville. it starts at 7:00 at northwestern high school. it is $5 at the door and all donations are welcome.
9:39 am
9:38 right now. if you are looking for a new car -- this weekend may be the best time to do it. we will have a preview of the
9:40 am
9:41 am
welcome back, everybody i'm news 4, chuck bell, here to talk about the car show, the washington auto show starts this weekend and goes through the
9:42 am
upcoming week. joining me, the director of the washington auto show, charlie springfeld, here to talk about all that is going on. welcome to the show and tell us a little bit about the history and all the stuff that's going on at the convention center. >> this is the 69th washington auto show, produced by the washington area automobile dealers association. we are delighted to have the show herehis year and we are particularly happy this year because it is a ten-day show for the public. in the past, five days. twice as much time for everybody to get out and see the cars. >> excellent. it goes for this whole weekend and next weekend as well. >> up to 6:00 p.m. next sunday, february 6th. >> how many people do you think are going to come down estimated? >> it is always a big number. we don't know 'til it is all over. we have online tickets and tickets sold at the door and different ways to purchase them. there will be tens of thousands
9:43 am
of people that will pass through. some limitations. all of the cars that you can see in the showrooms that you can go out and buy there. they are open and product specialists from all the manufacturers to answer any questions a consumer might have. >> can you buy a car at the car show? >> no, you can't shall the law prohibits that. what the auto show provides is a wonderful environment for a consumer to go down and see every car or every type of car in a nonconfrontational environment. they are product specialists the manufactures bring in. some of the booths are staffed by the dealership salesmen to cover the hours for the show. a lot of opportunities. our hope is that consumers will see those cars and go to one of the local dealerships in the area and make a purchase. >> how much are the tickets to get into the auto show? >> the ticket is $12. if you are a senior citizen or military, there is a discount.
9:44 am
children, 5 to 12, a further discount and under five is free. >> a nonwinning lottery ticket, worth an extra buck off. >> i think it is. >> hopefully, you will have a great turnout down there. i will be one of the folks that takes a look. all day today, tomorrow, and much of the next coming week 10:00 to 10:00 today and 10:00 to 7:00 tomorrow through sunday february 6th. a lot of time to take a look at the car that may be in your future. complete check of your forecast coming up when "news4 today" coming up when "news4 today" continues.
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the chuck bell hour continues. a lot of cloud cover outside first thing on a saturday morning. your whole weekend is not going to be gray, staying on the chilly side, though. a check, clouds have moved back into the area. clear skies earlier. those are now a thing of the past. clouds have rolled back in. no snowflakes visible on our camera here in town. i can tell you there are some snowflakes visible on the radar. a check of live doppler. we will show you where the snow showers are. eastern frederick county, maryland along interstate 70
9:48 am
through northern howard county to portions of northern anne arundel county, southern most edge not reaching the ground. there are conversational snow flix across upper montgomery and southern carroll county. might be enough to add up to half an inch in a few spots. temperatures, 20s and 30s through much of the eastern seaboard. no arctic air in place. 9.5 inches snow total, a chance for more snow coming our way. it should keep the clouds in place. skies will clear out late tonight as this area of low pressure moves further away. it moves further to the north and east and allows this weather front to come down here. we will have a south wind today. tomorrow, winds come back around to the northwest as the leading edge of colder air comes back
9:49 am
in. you will notice the changes monday and tuesday. for today, mostly cloudy. light snow and snow flurries from time to time. tomorrow, more sunshine and a lot more melting tomorrow with temperatures clothsing in on th 40-degree mark. monday, cloudy and cold with a high of 34. a 40% chance of snow late in the day tuesday. what's probably going to be the wintry mix, a little rain, sleet, snow combination through much of the day on wednesday. this last system will end with a little bit of snow. windy and cold winter for next wednesday. this could be very similar to one we just had with a lot of rain mixed in. >> we are on the fence. >> thanks, chuck. the time right now is 9:49. you know vincent gray, the
9:50 am
mayor. >> this morning, you will meet >> t[ son ] my parentsill meet always lived in the states,
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d.c. mayor, vincent gray, has a lot of interests outside politics. sports is among them. >> he said being a championship for one of our local teams is one of his dreams as mayor. he recently sat down at j&g
9:54 am
grill at the "w" hotel with lindsey czarniak. >> reporter: hello, mayor gray, thank you for meeting me. good to see you again too. i like the restaurant you chose. >> my favorite the. >> no one told me. i said, maybe we will have reeces peanut butter cups. >> doesn't matter how many you put in front of me, i will eat every one of them. you will see the bite size in the cabinet at my office. my day can start at, you know, 8:00 in the morning and many days, i don't finish until 1:00 or 2:00. it can be 14, 16 hours. >> but not wednesdays, right? i have heard you have a rule about wednesday night, no one is allowed to plan anything, because you play baseball. >> i play softball now, on a really good team.
9:55 am
it is an open league run by the department of parks and recreation here in the city. we play at randall now. they were very accommodating last year during the campaign where you don't have a lot of predictability in what you do. some games start at 10:00 at night. the other teams were accommodating and the league. >> that was all because of you as the first baseman, right? >> i didn't miss a game during the entire campaign. >> reporter: is there any athlete out there or a coach that reminds you of the leadership style that you have? who would you say that would be? >> i look at the job that mike tomlin has done with the pittsburgh steelers an i really admire that. i look at the job that bill belichick has done, people who are adaptable. some of these teams have turned over athletes tremendously and they still win. that is a tribute to the leadership the coaches have provided. >> reporter: you have a cabinet
9:56 am
now so obviously you in a sense are that leader who has to delegate and find out how to find all the people that work with you work to the bess the of their ability. do you see that relationship? >> no question, and you have to have a vision. the winning teams have a system, an approach. the coaches are the people who can communicate well to the assistant coaches and coordinators if it is football. they can communicate with the players and with multiple audiences. >> reporter: they get the best out of those players and know how to make them their best? >> that's exactly right. it is a huge challenge to motivate people and get them to play within the structure and have the discipline that makes people recognize the only thing that would count would be the team. >> reporter: what would your equivalent of a gator aid bash? >> if we can get this budget
9:57 am
balanced and get our schools to a point where kids are really being educated and being successful, getting our people back to work in the city. being able to see those things, those problems being solved would be the moment when you say championship won, bring out the rings. >> some interesting analyses there. that was nice, you get to see him out of his elements talking about other things. >> that's it for "news4 today." thanks for joining us, everyone. >> we are back tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. have a good one!
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